1. ‘I worked in horror films. Now I’m an undertaker’: arts workers who had to find new jobs ‘I worked in horror films. Now I’m an undertaker’: arts workers who had to find new jobs
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  8. Critic accidentally destroys $20,000 arwork at Mexico fair
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  12. Trump travel ban extension leaves Africans angry and disappointed
  13. Chinese people are enduring coronavirus like everyone else. Don’t traumatise us further
  14. The Lodge review – dread-filled chiller with a devastating twist
  15. Brexit prompts rowdy London parties, quiet Scottish vigils and protesters demanding public housing residents ‘speak English’
  16. Will we just accept our loss of privacy, or has the techlash already begun?
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  20. Human rights expert to keep Zuckerberg in check
  21. From vagina eggs to anti-vaxxers: is it time for an influencer detox?
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  25. Radiohead’s 40 greatest songs – ranked! Radiohead’s 40 greatest songs – ranked!
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  28. ‘Earth sandwich’: two men, two slices of bread and 12,724km of filling
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  79. ‘Miraculous survival’: asylum patient whose art documented his sterilisation by the Nazis ‘Miraculous survival’: asylum patient whose art documented his sterilisation by the Nazis
  80. The Guardian view on Christmas shopping: the season to be spendthrift?
  81. France protests: Longest strike in decades stuck in deadlock
  82. ‘I got £76,000 in debt setting up a scheme to help media interns’
  83. A letter to… the lactation consultant
  84. Climate change is playing havoc with Mexico’s monarch butterfly migration
  85. Uganda’s pop star MP Bobi Wine arrested as police break up rally
  86. Stashing your cash: the beginner’s guide to saving
  87. Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis: Iraqi killed in US strike was key militia figure
  88. Australia fires: Evacuation call stepped up as crisis worsens
  89. Pet snake cut free after getting trapped under car’s gearstick
  90. Veganuary recipes: Meera Sodha’s weekly meal plan – part 2
  91. Gorillas, orangutans and chimps die in German zoo fire
  92. Are men really avoiding Little Women, or is it just overblown anecdata?
  93. Disney World, Disneyland now offering ‘Baby Yoda’-inspired cocktails — but only if you know where to look
  94. Get yourself cybersecure for 2020 Get yourself cybersecure for 2020
  95. Trump threatens Iran with ‘big price’ to pay over US embassy attack
  96. 12 affordable places to retire abroad
  97. The Death of Jesus by JM Coetzee review – a boy who challenges the world The Death of Jesus by JM Coetzee review – a boy who challenges the world
  98. Poem of the week: House by Robert Browning
  99. ‘My bears are my lifeline’: the adults who sleep with soft toys ‘My bears are my lifeline’: the adults who sleep with soft toys
  100. CES 2020: Preview of tomorrow’s tech on show in Las Vegas
  101. Over-65s to account for over half of employment growth in next 10 years
  102. Dog found tied up in Blackpool church with ‘I’m sorry’ note
  103. Poverty-stricken Hungarians are easy pickings for traffickers on Facebook
  104. International Space Station astronauts play with fire for research
  105. ‘Women have less ego. Men think: How hard can this be?’: the female ultra-athletes leading the field
  106. Ethical veganism is a belief protected by law, tribunal rules
  107. Donald Trump has blundered into a crisis of his own making with Iran
  108. From Avatar to Joker: how much has culture changed since the start of the decade?
  109. Will Dominic Cummings and his ‘weirdos and misfits’ really fix the civil service?
  110. Christmas dinner: what’s the secret to a great roast potato?
  111. This decade we’ve become obsessed with reading – and writing – about ourselves
  112. Stars in Their Eyes meets Teletubbies: is The Masked Singer TV’s weirdest show? Stars in Their Eyes meets Teletubbies: is The Masked Singer TV’s weirdest show?
  113. Dortmund beat Manchester United to signing of Erling Braut Haaland
  114. My life in sex: the woman who has a thing for Moomins
  115. The world is likely to get a new youngest government leader. He’s a familiar face.
  116. Golden Globes: who will win and who should win the film awards? Golden Globes: who will win and who should win the film awards?
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  118. Tehran condemns US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria as act of terrorism
  119. Ambushed: 15ft tumbleweeds trap drivers and force road closure
  120. The plastic polluters won 2019 – and we’re running out of time to stop them The plastic polluters won 2019 – and we’re running out of time to stop them
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  123. The smartphone tracking industry has been rumbled. Now we must act
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  128. Uber and Postmates sue to block California’s new gig worker law
  129. The most exciting films of 2020 – musicals
  130. Dominic Calvert-Lewin strikes twice to give Everton win at Newcastle
  131. US base near North Korea border had ‘error’ emergency siren, sparking fears of attack
  132. Overlooked LS Lowry painting re-emerges after 70 years
  133. Observer killer sudoku
  134. John Roberts: justice once labelled a ‘disaster’ by Trump to oversee impeachment trial
  135. UK house price growth to remain low despite talk of ‘Boris bounce’
  136. Your pictures: share your photos on the theme of ‘train’
  137. 7 quirky New Year’s Eve events from around the nation
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  142. Kulubá: Dig uncovers large Mayan palace in Mexico
  143. Make a resolution to avoid ‘quick-fix’ diets, says top NHS doctor
  144. What would you do if you found £193,000 in your account?
  145. Niger terror attack: ISIS-linked militants claim responsibility for massacre
  146. Hawaii: tour helicopter carrying seven people missing
  147. Google and Apple remove alleged UAE spy app ToTok
  148. British Airways slumps to near bottom in passenger survey
  149. 10 of the best winter walks in the UK 10 of the best winter walks in the UK
  150. In 2019 the public woke up to the climate crisis. When will the politicians?
  151. Neil Innes obituary
  152. The Delightful Sausage: ‘We saw Vic and Bob last year – I haven’t washed since’
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  158. Thank you to … my mum, whose selflessness and loyalty saved my life
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Last 7 days, in the milestone case, the particular high courtroom decided that will almost 4 million ladies born within the yr 1950s would certainly not end up being compensated your own money may buy these people lost – for the few people as a lot as £40, 000 – once the particular female monthly pension age increased up through 60 in order to 66.

Jules Delve, sixty one, and Karen Glynn, 63, through the advertising campaign group BackTo60, challenged the particular Department meant for Work plus Pensions (DWP) having a judicial review, quarrelling that increasing their monthly pension age “unlawfully discriminated towards them upon the reasons of age group, sex plus age plus sex combined”. Previously, ladies could state a condition pension in 60, guys at sixty-five (by 2020 both males and females can receive their particular pension from 66). Master Justice Irwin and Mrs Justice Whipple dismissed the particular claim, stating there had been no splendour because the choice failed in order to treat ladies less positively than guys but fixed a historical discrimination towards men.

The particular judges are usually correct – up in order to a stage, Lord Copper mineral. Since the particular postwar well being state had been established right now there has already been discrimination – but in between men, not really against all of them. Between guys since this is patently unfair that will those whom grafted all through a period of large industry regarding a lengthy time have got to wait around until sixty six, the exact same as, state, the financial institution clerk, who also physically offers not compensated so higher a cost. Simultaneously, with regard to women created in the particular 1950s in order to get their own pension with 60 can be fair compensation for that life they have got got resided. Together lady in the documented created by Backto60 says therefore spiritedly: “I am the woman. All of us are various from a person. I’m not really inferior. I am not much better. I’m various. ” Thus, in the particular framework associated with pensions, exactly how different?


The newspaper advertisement in the particular year 1955s, has the miniature lady in the frilly pinafore ecstatically dancing upon the depleting board associated with the creature destroy evidently beside their self with pleasure waving the tin associated with Vim – for every those not really familiar along with the shoulder grease college of household chores, it’s the scouring natural powder. “When a person tackle the particular midday food, ” the particular slogan says, “There’s the row associated with happy Vim-trim saucepans prepared and waiting around! ” Females born within the 1955s were reared within a good era simply by which these people experienced exactly what feminist historian Sheila Rowbotham calls social schizophrenia. The particular prevailing behaviour were that will they had been expected in order to be conventional wives plus mothers. From the exact same time, the particular huge inside consumerism forced the working-class woman directly into (guilty) work to “help out” your family budget. A lot of women had split of regularly low-paid function to back children plus care pertaining to ageing family members, or did not am used at many, affecting their own national insurance plan contributions – and they also got the additional burden associated with unequal domesticity. If that will doesn’t include up in order to deserving the particular six years’ pension that will they are usually now refused, exactly exactly what does?

Federal government maladministration furthermore played the part. The particular 1995 Traditional government’s Condition Pension Operate included programs to improve women’s state pension check from sixty to sixty-five. The Turner Commission suggested 15 years’ notice – yet, in accordance to the particular campaign team, Women Towards State Pension check Inequality (WASPI), some females were just sent words an incredible 14 yrs later. Numerous have certainly not received words. Government marketing about monthly pension changes offers been serious, patronising plus obscure. This particular year, additional increases in order to the woman state pension check age had been brought within faster compared to the coalition originally guaranteed, again along with little or even no observe. That’s displaying contempt.

Females in the particular 1950s reared children, these people volunteered, set up their personal ambition upon the back again burner plus gave openly of their particular time, gained modestly plus paid their own taxes. At this point, some state, they have got a selection – to temperature or consume.

It’s the terrible paradox that as well many 1955s women possess been catapulted from the past associated with traditional housewifery towards the particular snapping teeth of nowadays welfare condition – striving to defeat ageism within fruitlessly attempting to obtain a absurd number associated with jobs every single day in order to be capable to safe the small in order to which they may be entitled upon benefits or even experiencing initially the various insecurities of the particular gig economic climate and lifestyle on the particular teenager’s income.

As 1 person within Backto60 mentioned: “Don’t provide tax slashes to the particular 1% whilst ignoring these who possess contributed most of their life, expecting all of them at sixty to proceed out plus find a good apprenticeship. ” Equality will be intended in order to mean equal rights of possibility, not equal rights of injustice.


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